replayTransferCrossChain Function

This function is used to enable replay mechanism, that is to execute a transaction that could not be completed on the destination chain due to insufficient gasLimit or gasPrice provided in the routerSend function.
* @notice replayTransaction Used to replay the transaction if it failed due to low gaslimit or gasprice
* @param hash Hash returned by transferCrossChain function
* @param crossChainGasLimit new crossChainGasLimit
* @param crossChainGasPrice new crossChainGasPrice
* NOTE gasLimit and gasPrice passed in this function should be greater than what was passed earlier
function replayTransaction(
bytes32 hash,
uint256 crossChainGasLimit,
uint256 crossChainGasPrice
) internal {
routerReplay(hash, crossChainGasLimit, crossChainGasPrice);
The entire contract for the same can be found here.