A toolkit to create and deploy truly cross-chain smart contracts
Router's CrossTalk library is an extensible cross-chain framework that enables seamless state transitions across multiple chains akin to IBC for Cosmos. In simple terms, this library leverages Router's infrastructure to allow contracts on one chain to communicate with contracts deployed on some other chain. The library is structured in a way that it can be integrated seamlessly into your development environment to allow for cross-chain message passing without disturbing other parts of your product.

Application areas

→ Any application that is present on one chain can now be easily ported across multiple chains:

  • DEXes can use the library to allow cross-chain swaps for users directly from their platform.
  • Wallet applications can use the library to enable the direct transfer of funds to other blockchains.
  • Lending protocols can leverage the library to allow for cross-chain settlement of borrowed capital.
  • Yield aggregators can use the library to devise optimized cross-chain farming strategies.
  • Various other DApps can use the library to hold cross-chain governance and map their tokens across chains.

→ Build out native cross-chain apps

  • Cross-chain governance systems
  • NFTs which are chain agnostic
  • Stablecoins with built-in cross-chain capabilities
  • Cross-chain mixers to enable private transactions
And much more...