Check the Status

const txStatus = await routerprotocol.getTransactionStatus("TXN_HASH")
Unlike the Asset Swap API, there is no need to provide chainId while querying the status using the SDK as the chainId is included while initializing the RouterProtocol instance.
Response Type
interface TransactionStatus{

Sample Request and Response

Checking the status of a cross-chain transaction from Polygon to Fantom:


import { RouterProtocol } from "@routerprotocol/router-js-sdk"
import { ethers } from "ethers";
const main = async() => {
// initialize a RouterProtocol instance
// get a quote for USDC transfer from Polygon to Fantom
// get allowance and give the relevant approvals
// execute the transaction
// fetching the status of the transaction
setTimeout(async function() {
let status = await routerprotocol.getTransactionStatus(tx.hash)
if (status.tx_status_code === 1) {
console.log("Transaction completed")
// handle the case where the transaction is complete
else if (status.tx_status_code === 0) {
console.log("Transaction still pending")
// handle the case where the transaction is still pending
}, 180000); // waiting for sometime before fetching the status of the transaction because it may take some time for the transaction to get indexed


tx_status: 'Completed',
tx_status_code: 1,
src_chain_id: '137',
dest_chain_id: '250',
src_tx_hash: '0x4f2814d3a5f7f5b5ace3688d901fa0cd1bd65a0d04be4d81eaefcf5afcd4b2ff',
dest_tx_hash: '0xc78cf044c0de46bdaedf661d740bbf09e39ad57074eee89f6856812fda06428f'